eBook AI tools for entrepreneurs


  • Helping entrepreneurs automate tasks, increase efficiency and make informed decisions using artificial intelligence tools.
  • AI tools for entrepreneurs
  • Digital E-book
  • Available languages: NL / EN / PT

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What You’ll Find in the E-book:

Introduction to AI:
– Understand the basic concepts of artificial intelligence.
– Discover how AI can be applied to small and medium-sized businesses.

Automation Tools:
– Learn about tools that automate administrative tasks.
– Save time and reduce operational errors.
Data Analysis:
– Use AI tools to analyze complex data.
– Make decisions based on concrete and accurate information.
Intelligent Marketing:
– Create more effective and personalized marketing campaigns.
– Increase customer engagement and conversion.
Customer Service:
– Improve the customer experience with chatbots and virtual assistants.
– Offer fast and efficient support, 24/7.

BRIGHT method to simplify your commands (prompts) for ChatGPT.
All purchases come with an extra list of 150 simple prompts that are easy to adapt to your needs.
Download expires in 60 days.

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English, Nederlands, Português